Humble Yourself – Psalm 149:4

Psalm 149:4 ;
“For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory”

This particular psalms can be broken down into two sections.

The first section talks about our Gods delight in his  people.  The keyword here is “delight” .In this verse, the word “delight” joins the Lord and his people. The Question that you have to ask yourself today  , are you “his people”? If you are , good news! God seeks you and has pleasure from you.  Just like our  worldly fathers have delight in their own kids, our father in heaven has delight for us. God  loves to watch his children  play around , go to school, go to work and do many other things. He is looking at you right now with great pleasure, seeing his own child reading his or her bible. Trying to understand his or her  father. All these things, makes our God happy! So you should be  Happy! So when you go to work or school, know that he is looking at you, and make sure whatever you do , brings God pleasure.

The second section  mentions crowning of the humble.   Humble is state of being low , realizing you are nothing. Its only by Gods grace and mercy that you have life and everything that it offers . Everything you have in life, is given by god. When something great happens in your life, humble yourself, and avoid boasting yourself  to others. Everything you gain on earth is not worth boasting.  Jesus is the ultimate example of showing humbleness.  Thou he was the son of God, the king of all kings, creator of the universe and everything in it, he came to earth in the most humble way. He was not born in a palace , or in a hospital. Jesus was born in a Manger. A place that was probably dirty and unclean.  When you are in a state, where you feel you deserve praises from others, like when you hit the game winning shot, or  when you get a promotion, realize that God gave it you, humble yourself. If it wasn’t for Gods delight in you, you would not have received it. When you humble yourself, God himself will give you a crown. A crown of victory. Its the ultimate crown.