Spiritual Warfare – Put on your Armor

1 Peter 2:9

New International Version (NIV)

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

Say to yourself ” Glad I made it”

The reason why you are still here is because God’s grace is upon you. When God’s Grace is absent in your life, that’s when you turn yourself over to the world.

Most of you do not realize we are in a great battle. This battle started since existence of Satan and its ends when God vanquishes the devil  from the face of the universe.

In this great battle, you are on the front lines. You are fighting a war under the authority and the power of your master Jesus Christ.

When you are in this great spiritual warfare, the opposition in this case, Evil will try to defeat you using tactics such attacking your mind, your body, your family , your friends in order to get you to fall.
But what the Devil does not know, that you are being protected the by divine Grace of God.

Who are you fight for?

You are not fighting for your president or your king

You are fighting for the king of all kings
Lord of all lords
Creator of the Heaven and Earth

Sons and daughters of God, I don’t know if you are ready to fight this battle. I don’t know if you you are upto to it. But I don’t know about you!

But If I were you,

  • Realize you are fighting for the king of all Kings
  • Lord of the Universe
  • The one who knows you by every strand of your hair
  • The only one that gives light in the darkest days
  • The one that gives you hope when you feel hopeless
  • The one who loved you, before you ever loved him
  • The one who sacrificed his only Son on the cross, just so that you and i can be saved.

If you are up to the call of duty, get ready and put on your Armor. The spiritual Armor of God.  The Divine armor of God.

The armor of God  is not just an ordinary armor, but its made by spirit of our lord

Ephesians 6 : 10

  1. If you accept the Truth, put on the belt of truth
  2. If you are ready to walk in righteousness , put on the breastplate
  3. If are have faith, pick up the shield of Faith
  4. If you seek salvation, put on the helmet
  5. If you are ready to read your words, sharpen your sword.

When you become immersed into the spirit of standing up for your creator,  no evil can come against you.

The devil will fling arrows, and swipe his sword, it might create dents and scratch your armor. But don’t let that discourage you.

This is not an easy battle.

You will go through sorrow.

You will go through Pain
You will go through hardships
You will go through storms

Ultimately, your armor will protect your heart. The heart that rests up Jesus.  On that last day, when we have claimed victory, and you will be glorified in the presence of your father.

On that victorious day, there will be celebrations, you will look to your fellow warriors, you will have joy and peace for ever.

On that victorious day, you will see Jesus face to face. He will see your scars , he will see the tears and wipe them all away.

He will tell you, Son, daughter, I’m glad you made it . Job well done. Now take rest, I have a room in my mansion for you. I built it on my own, just for you. I have been waiting for you.

God bless you all.



Overcoming in the face of Opposition

Keywords: Wicked, opposition, Anointed One,suffering,

Our bible says in Mathew chapters 7 verse 13 , that the gates are narrow, and paths are difficult.  Most people when they visualize the narrow path  , they would like to think, path filled with flowers, and blue sky. Perfect weather.  I would like to think, its more like thorns and stormy, and dangerous.

when you are on the this path


See when you are on this Journey

You are on a mission

There is a destination;

it won’t be gentle and beautiful.

You will have to go through bumps, move mountains, and face trials of many, you have to face your enemy head on.

See when you are truly in the ministry of serving the Lord, you will truly know the existence of the evil.
The more deeper you get into your ministry, the harder the devil will work to pull you out of it.

The Devil will create Oppositions around you, so you falter, and become deviated from God plan for yours and my life.

 Overcoming in the faces of Opposition. 

Lets look into the word this morning and get encouraged in the times of such opposition.

Imagine Life without opposition. Our bible wouldn’t exist.

Acts 4:23

Different types of Opposition

Ridicule : Seen mainly through Friends,
More Intense: Punishment , or some type of threat  : remote regions outside the borders of America.

Peter and John Faces Opposition during their ministry.

  • They could have left the country
  • They could have kept their mouth Silent
  • They could have started a riot, they had many followers. So many followers, that the rulers got scared.

They did not rely on their strength, instead they took it upto God. First thing they did was join in prayer with their own people. They did not look for solution from themselves, but they seeked God.
– Sometimes when we feel threatened and feel discouraged, we respond to either by anger, some type of action contrary to the teachings.

Devils Objective: discouraged. – Quit on God. Become hopeless. Dependence on God becomes less. God’s work is not being fulfilled.

Acts 4: 27

Herod and  Pontius Pilate, who were once enemies,  Joined Forces together with the  Gentiles and the people of Israel, to conspire against Jesus.

Those are against God , underestimate the power of God. The Rulers may have power and authority, but they don’t have Sovereignty.

Opposition is here to stay, as long as we are alive. You might not be physical opposed by anyone.  You are spiritually opposed by evil.

In fact you are in a spiritual wafare. Just like any other war, in order to win, you must face an opposition.

When you battle fight, you don’t under your own judgment, you fight the battle under the authority of your general , or your master.

They gave complete control over to God. When you let God work in your life, God will change everything.

From the beginning till the end, as long as the Devil exist opposition will always exist. Whenever you bring God into the picture, friends ,coworkers and even faimly members may shows signs of ridicule.


During these times, it’s important you identify yourself . First Identifying yourself as servant of God. You have been choosen  and excluded to live life which bring glory to our God. You  have taken a decision to follow only Christ. You have decided that only God has authority over you.

You have chosen to be his own people.

On Peter and Johns, release they went to their “OWN PEOPLE”

People who commited to serving God
Servants of God. Those who the know the Heavenly Father.

After you Identify yourself,

Its time to take Refuge in heavenly father.

These opposition will exist, but the one takes refuge in Jesus will taken care of  , will be watched over. That’s what Psalms 2 says

For us, during such times of opposition, take refuge in him. Let God be in Control. God is not the business of harming his people.  But in the plans to Prosper. Jeremiah 29:11

In order Overcoming Opposition:

Take Refuge in him by praying.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Psalm 46:1

Our Bible says to Put Trust in Him , Lean on him , Not on your own understanding. He will make your path straight.

Stand firm in his words.

Don’t rely on your understand, but take it upto God. Ask for Courage , ask for boldness.

God will Move mountains,

God will heal the pain thats holding you back.

God will get out of the depression

God will give you strength when you are weak

God will encourage you, when you feel discouraged.

God will make you bold when you are silent
God will give you courage when you are in fear.

When Peter and John relied on God, things started happening. Their place of worship started shaking.. Holy Spirit filled them. . They no longer had fear, their mouths could no longer be shut. They spoke boldness.

Peter and John were just ordinary people. Verse 13

You see When you have been with Jesus, your opposition will get scared of you. They will be astonished. This is just not an ordinary student, ordinary doctor or ordinary nurse.

No man or no devil can deny from learning the truth.

No one can deny from speaking the truth

No one can keep you silent.

.  When Peter and John was seized, they were asked to be silent, they were asked not speak in the name of Jesus.

My experience

What was two thousand years ago , is still true today .
We are still fighting the same opposition that was then and still standing today. As long as the devil is free ,  we will have opposition. But the good thing, we are not by ourselves, we have Jesus with us.  The same Jesus that was present with Peter and John 2000 years ago, is still with us today.  You are still fighting the same battle.  At the end of all this, on that day when you stand before the God, God will say “Job Well Done”