Luke Chapter 4

Jesus started the ministry under the power
of Spirit. Before he was surrounded by
disciples, before he went into the temple,
before he did miracles, he was filled with
power of spirit. The Spirit of God was with
him and until the last moment he was on earth.
The Holy Spirit was essitenial part of his
ministry and was working in the background
throughout his ministry. We can say, that
it wasn’t just Jesus and 12 disciples, but
the Spirit of God was very involved.

For a successfuly ministry it requires
infilling of the holy spirit and the power,
its involvement.

Jesus was always in sync with the Holy Spirit
and was led by the spirit. Jesus never did anything
apart from the spirit,spirit was always with him.
He went where the spirit lead him.

In Acts 1:8 it mentions the power will come
first and then holy Ghost, which will sent
the anionted to be witness of Jesus Christ
around the world.

Starting our day with the power of the Spirit
can make a difference in the our lives.
Instead of waiting for the church service
or certin time in the day, if we are able seek
the power of spirit early and at the beginning, then
everything else will be fine.

What does the power of Spirit
– Gives Men courage to Rebuke Sin
Mi 3
– Mighteir than Phyiscal Force
– Enables Men to speak with Authority Acts 4:33
– Healing influences Act 19
Jesus grew up in Nazareth and regularly visited the local
synagogue. Jesus went to church and took part in orginzed
service just like we do today.
The services started with invocation of God’s blessing,
recetations of Hebrews confession of Faith, deut 6 4-9 ,11:13-21.
followed by prayer,then reading from the law and passage from
the prophets.Followed by a breif sermon , then comes the benediction
done by the preist.

v18 Reading of the passage:
Once again, the bible empahizes the impartation of power of the spirit
upon him.
– God anointed Jesus Isiah 61 1-12

1. To Preach the Gospel to the Poor.
2. Heal the Brokenhearted
3. Proclaim Liberty to the Captives
4. Recovery of the sight to blind
5. Set at liberty those who are oppressed.
6. To Proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.


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