Galatians Chapter 2


After 14 Years  Paul goes to Jerusalem(Acts 15:1)

The Gospel taught by Paul was revealed through God alone.  The Gospel that Paul preaches is direct revelation from God.  God has chosen Paul to preach to the gentiles(v.9).  The great commission was given to Paul, other than the great commission that was previously given to the disciples.

Jesus vs. Paul. Do they preach the same Gospel?

Act 15 “The Debate In Jerusalem”

Paul set the Gospel he was preaching to the gentiles in front of Peter, James, elders and pharisees ( The influential). Paul made sure the Gospel he taught was in agreement with the one Peter and James taught. If there was a disagreement, then Paul says then I am running in vain, i enduring hardship for no reason.

v.3 He introduces Titus  to defend his claim. Titus was a Greek and was a part of the audience during the council in Jerusalem. Because they let Titus go without being circumcised, it proves that everyone was in agreement that circumcision for the Gentiles was not necessary.

v4. But the pharisees disapproved the work of Paul and required that all Gentiles should circumcise and follow the law of Moses.   Acts 15 . 

Did this cause any divisions among the early Christians. Yes, Even after 14 years, the same people are going to churches planted by Paul, to proclaiming the Gospel of “Salvation through Law”.

v5.  Paul did not yield to them, because he makes his stance Galatians 1:12.  The Truth was revealed through Christ, and he did not even bother listening to them.

v6. remember the poor. Jesus was very mindful of people there poor and hopeless.  as follows he asked all his diciples to care for the poor (Mathew  24)