Psalm 1 Healthy Posture

Blessed is the man who does NOT

  • who walks in the counsel (advice) of the wicked (ungodly)
  • or stands in the way of sinners; (ungodly)
  • or sit in the seat of mockers;
A healthy Human posture is one who walks, stand and sits with your back straight. Likewise to be a  healthy christian, you must have a good spiritual posture.
A spiritual walk means, to have faith and putting  full trust in him.  In a physical sense, one cannot walk anywhere without the energy that you consume when you eat and drink.
In spiritual sense, you cannot walk in his ways and full his will for you,  unless are feeding yourself with spiritual tools such as the word of God and meditating upon them.

Blessed is the man who

  • walks in the light of your(lords) presence (PS 89:15)
  • Guides the humble in the what is right and teaches them his way
  • and who wins over the mockers ridicule’s.

Verse 2. Importance of Law.

Verse 2 describes the person who is righteous and does not lead a life according to verse 1.
To be righteous, means to be established and be confined in the law of lord.

The law that is  established by God and found only in the word of God.
Its important to delight in the law given to us by our lord and to meditate on it day and night.
Another words, it is important for Christians to mediate upon his words, study it, understand it and  to apply it. By doing such mediation, what you will feel is a sense of delight. Trusting upon his words, in times of fear, sorrow and struggles. His words will bring a delight, joy, and peace.

Being a healthy  christian means having healthy posture and healthy mind.

Psalms Verse 3.  Healthy Christian yields fruits

“Whatever he does prospers” .  Imagine a time, whatever you do always brings you happiness and joy. Everything you do is an accomplishment.

I certainly want prosperity. Who does not. Most people define prosperity as having wealthy,  successfully marriage , and having a good family.

Abraham and along rest of his offspring till now still have prosperity.

We have the same prosperity Go has promised Abraham.  Galatians 3:14

The great reward of being a healthy christian is prosperity.  According to the definition prosperity: flourishing, thriving, good fortune and / or successful social status

Many of us, would love to see ourselves flourishing, thriving , having good fortune , and having a good social status, especially in this time. When the economy is not doing so well.  When people are worried about their future. when there is a lot of Uncertainty  Flourishment and good fortune is what we all seek. Not many of us find it. That’s because many of us are not looking in the right place.  Instead of building a solid foundation based upon truth, knowledge of God, We try to establish a foundation based on temporary things like  money, and pride. And both of these things, as verse 4 says, are like chaff, a wind can just blow them away.

Imagine if you are house is made out of money, your family is made out of money and life is about money.

Mathew 6:33  Says seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

We have to go after him,  to see prosperity in our lives . weather it’s getting good grade, getting a job or having a good healthy marriage.  God will take care of you. In verse 6, the bible says he watches over the way of righteous . Which way are you taking? You all know, there is a good and the bad way. We christian sometimes tend to think, there is middle way. So we do righteous, but then we also what is unrighteous. We fail to realize there is a no middle ground.  When you are fighting this spiritual battle, you are going ahead on against evil. You cannot be  standing in the  middle of field choosing sides. You are either on the side of evil or on the right side, side of Jesus.