Psalm 2 Against The Anointed ONE

Keywords: Wicked, opposition, Anointed One,suffering,

As your Faith increases, opposition will increase.    Its  sad to mention, but there people in this day of age,  who knows God exist and knows the devil aswell, but they would rather choose the devil.  Unfortunately, Devil worship is more common that many people think. Theistic Satanism is the form of worship devoted to Satan and against God.  But remember, it does require one to be Satnaistic , in order to be against God,  but also   anything against the Truth,or anyone against the Bible is also opposition. There are many religious leaders that are against the teaching  of the truth.  Even ,  25 countries includes these ; Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen won’t allow bible in homes because  their leaders have condemned such use.


Devils Objective: discouraged. – Quit on God. Become hopeless. Dependence on God becomes less. God’s work is not being fulfilled.  Ultimate Objective is to go against God.


Psalms 2 verse 2  says ” The Kings of Earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the lord and against his anointed One”.

Kings, rulers, nations and people of different ethnicity , belief will come together go against our Lord and against his anointed One Jesus.

Why? Because, Honestly i think they are afraid.  They are afraid what once was their nation and dominion will be ruled by someone named Jesus. What exist 2000 years ago, exist today.

From the beginning till the end, as long as the Devil exist opposition will always exist. Especially in your life,your friends,  your teachers, you peers will oppose certain things you do  that brings in God into the picture. These opposition will exist, but the one takes refuge in Jesus will taken care of  , will be watched over.


Acts 4: 27;

Herod and  Pontius Pilate, who were once enemies,  Joined Forces together with the  Gentiles and the people of Israel, to conspire against Jesus.
By enforcing  such law that go against the freedom on Christians in these countries, they form a plot against God.

Those are against God , underestimate the power of God. The Rulers may have power and authority, but they don’t have Sovereignty.  The unknown author warns against leaders that goes against God. : ” Then rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath”

Opposition is here to stay, as long as we are alive. You might not be physical opposed by anyone.  You are spiritually opposed by evil.


Seek God and take refuge. Seek shelter and protection in his arms.